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"Tobin uses his Frying Pan which gains a +2 to Grilled Cheese when mixed with the Element of Fire."


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Woo! Two in a row! I r0xx0rZ!

*ahem* Anywho....

It's been a really really long time since Sean has been in the comic... I didn't even have a color scheme for him. I had to ask Kell about his eyes. XD

And you know what occured to me upon choosing a hair color for him? Within our group, people's hair color changes so often that it's impossible for me to follow it without severely confusing readers who don't know us personally. Therefore, everyone will forever remain with the hair colors I use for them now. ^_^

As a side note, please say a quick little prayer for my uncle Tommy. He's in getting surgery today for possible cancer. It doesn't look too bad, but I'm still worried about him.

Tracey (Livejournal)

(Is that spelled right? >.>;;;;;)

So, it's pretty obvious that this site is completely dead, eh? I've tried half a dozen times but I'm just not cut out for the kind of schedule-following and script-writing that is required to hold down a successful webcomic. Therefore I officially quit.

HOWEVER, I have a new site that I'd like everyone to please check out! It's called Sexy Booze-Ninjas and it is an art site rather than specifically a comic site. There WILL be comics on it (eventually), but as more of a "hey, that's a good idea for a comic, I think I'll draw it" kind of way rather than a set strip. The site will be mainly devoted to my sketch book and any coloring I end up doing. Also, there's a little section for writing, as I hope to do that a little more often.

So please please drop by the new site at http://sexyboozeninjas.rydia.net and let me know what you think. The layout isn't the greatest and there isn't a WHOLE lot there yet, but I hope to actually take care of this one. ^_^

Sorry The Cape didn't really work out, but I'll leave this site up for as long as Keenspace will leave it alone here, in case anyone ever feels like reading the archives or anything.

Love ya'll!







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